Our Story

 My name is Jordan and I am the founder of Bambalam. 🌈

I officially started Bambalam in 2021. But before I was selling dungarees, I started off as a small hand-painted hat business.

I started sewing in COVID as a hobby, I would collect old table cloths, paint them and then sew them into hats for fun. I started sharing what I was doing on my instagram and suddenly I started to get people asking for custom hat orders.  

I have always loved dungarees, and I think it is super cool to put art onto clothing. After selling some hats, I made enough money to get some fabric that I designed printed. I cut the fabric up myself and did a very bad job at sewing it into a dungaree. But I shared what I was doing and people were interested. I started to get a feeling that I actually wanted to start making something real out of this. I found someone in Cape Town to sew a sample for me. I put it out to the few people I had following me to see who would want to order. I was then able to place my first order of 10 dungarees to be made. 

From there we have grown bit by bit and look where we are now.  ❤️

Our Values

I have an incredible small team of seamstresses in Cape Town who sew all the wonderful Bambalam pieces you wear! Everything is made in Cape Town. We believe in supporting local. 🇿🇦

An important part of Bambalam is trying to create as little waste as possible. We keep all our scraps to try turn them into something.

We want everyone to feel, happy, comfortable and included. Our clothing is for everybody ❤️

Bambalam is a brand made for self expression & inclusivity.